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GENERAL INFORMATION The flattest and most developed, from an agricultural point of view, part of Greece, Thessaly is almost at the centre of the country, with a view to the sea and enclosed by mountains, rich with lakes and rivers, big cities and history...
GENERAL INFORMATION The prefecture of Karditsa covers the Southwestern part of Thessaly. It has approximately 130000 inhabitants, about a quarter of which reside within the capital city of Karditsa, built on the banks of the river Pinios. This region is...
GENERAL INFORMATION The prefecture of Larissa is the largest of the geographical district of Thessaly, and Larissa, its capital city, the fourth largest city in Greece with a population of 130000 people, is an important center of trade, industry and agr...
GENERAL INFORMATION Magnissia is a truly beautiful land, even by the high standards of a country as richly gifted by nature as Greece is. The magnificence of Mount Pelion, once the home of the legendary centaurs, holds no less charm today than it did in...
GENERAL INFORMATION The prefecture of Trikala is a mountainous region which gradually descends from altitudes of over 2000 meters to the great plain of Thessaly. This is where the capital of the prefecture is situated. The comfortable and pretty city of...
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